Removing Thumbnails From The Revolution Lifestyle Theme Homepage

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I’ve used the Revolution Lifestyle theme quite a few times in some of my sites since I really like the layout and even the default color scheme goes together really well. By default the theme lists thumbnails for posts when they are being displayed on the homepage of the blog for each post. This can be a handy little feature which adds a little bit more to the homepage it isn’t always something that I necessarily need.

I figured I’d write up this quick post about removing the post thumbnails on the Lifestyle theme as it is a quick and easy process.

Editing home.php

The file we are going to be editing is home.php since that is what displays when we visit the URL to which you installed WordPress.

Scroll down through the code and find the

Featured Category #1

line. Scroll down a bit below and you’ll see have_posts()) : $recent->the_post();?>. This piece of code defines which category you want to grab posts from as well as how many posts you want to show.

Look down a bit further and you’ll run across the lines of code that display the thumbnail. The code for the thumbnail generation will look like…

ID, "thumbnail", true) ): ?>

 <a href="" rel="bookmark">

 <img style="float:left;margin:0px 10px 0px 0px;"

 src="ID, "thumbnail", true); ?>"

 alt="" />


 <a href="" rel="bookmark">

 <img style="float:left;margin:0px 10px 0px 0px;" 


 alt="" />


To remove the thumbnail post generation just delete the entire lines of code as shown above. There are 2 other places inside of the home.php file that display the thumbnails for posts. Scroll down in the file and look for the

Featured Category #2


Bottom Featured Category

lines and using the same technique I showed above you can easily remove thumbnails from being displayed next to the posts.

That’s all that it takes! See? I told you it was easy to do.

Removing Thumbnails From The Revolution Lifestyle Theme Homepage

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