Add Media Upload Button to bbPress

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As a moderator in bbPress, you sometimes need to upload an image in order to better explain a solution. In the past I uploaded the image using the Media uploader, copied the URL and then pasted it into the discussion. Not the most efficient way of doing things. After a little bit of research, I discovered that I can easily add a media upload button to make the whole process a lot more streamlined. Open. 

Why You Should Care About Wireless Spectrum Crisis

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As far as you know, when you turn on the Internet on your mobile phone or tablet, it just works. You don’t need to tune to a particular frequency or give a certain calling code to get access to the network. That’s because your carrier takes care of it, leveraging its own piece of a large range of frequencies known as the wireless radio spectrum. You may hear about this mysterious. 

Spring Cleaning Your Windows System? Don’t Delete These Files!

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Spring cleaning is a great way to clean the system, free up some space and hopefully, also speed up the computer. While it isn’t hard to find redundant and duplicate files, there are a few things you should never delete from your running Windows system. Deleting critical files may hinder the system’s functioning, whereas some files, if deleted, won’t cause any issues, but may still. 

Cube iWork 10 Windows 8 Tablet Full Hands-on Review

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When Microsoft first released Windows 8, not many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) caught Microsoft’s vision for tablets running its new OS. As a result Microsoft launched its own range of Windows 8 tablets starting with the Surface RT and the Surface Pro. The former used an ARM based processor with a special ARM version of Windows 8, while the latter used the full Intel version. 

Easily Manage Your Android Device with MoboRobo

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There are tons of Android apps that allow you to manage your phone and back up your data to the cloud; however, if you still prefer the old school way of syncing your phone to your computer, then MoboRobo could be a useful app for you. What Is MoboRobo? MoboRobo is an Android Manager for your PC (Windows only) that lets you manage all the things you have on your device right from your computer..